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Statistical and Mathematical Software: Home

Information on where and how to access statistical and mathematical software.


This guide provides information for the University of Melbourne community on where to access statistical software on campus; how to purchase licensed copies; training opportunities; links to support materials; and further reading.

IT Licensing & Procurement

IT Infrastructure (University Services) centrally manage software licence programs on behalf of the University.

This includes a number of site licences for a selection of statistical packages. A site licence will offer university departments products which are centrally funded and can be deployed on University assets at no additional cost. Click on the following links to see information about specific licence conditions under the University of Melbourne Licence agreements (staff-only) or ring the IT Service desk for information: phone 8344 0888.

Other software packages are also available through bulk purchase programs. This offers departments, affiliated institutions and respective staff and students a way to purchase centrally-managed low cost software.​ 




Statistical Consulting Centre - Postgraduate Assistance Scheme

Graduate Researcher Statistical Assistance Scheme (GRSAS) 

If you are a Masters by research, PhD or MD student of the University of Melbourne, the Statistical Consulting Centre has a centrally-funded service.

The SCC offers up to five hours of free statistical advice to eligible PhD, MPhil, Masters by research, or Professional Doctorate (under negotiation) students with thier research, not coursework.. **conditions apply **

  • The emphasis in the statistical advice will be on education and training.
  • If you need help beyond five hours, this will be on a fee-paying basis.
  • You must be currently enrolled.
  • You will need to bring a copy of the "Statistical consulting service to post-graduate students" form signed by your supervisor to your first consultation. This form can be downloaded from the Statistical Consulting Centre webpage. The consultants may decline to provide statistical assistance to students without a signed form.

The Statistical Consulting Centre offers advice, statistical consulting and data analysis to staff and postgraduate students within the University and others outside the University.

For all additional information and enquires go to: